Differences Between Masks

Compare Surgical Masks, N95 and Elastomeric Respirators There are differences between masks that range from somewhat to very effective in infection control. Let’s take an indepth look at: What is a Surgical Mask and how well does it work For viruses? What is an N95 respirator mask and how well does it work for viruses? What is melt blown fabric? …

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Clear Masks in Canada

Differently abled persons are confronted with unique challenges during this ongoing public health crisis, including equal access to health care services, social isolation, and income and employment security. In order to help support this vulnerable community, it’s important that individual citizens and the greater community take proactive measures to ensure their physical welfare.

Flatten the Curve

What Does Flatten the Curve Mean? There is always a sharp increase, a peak and a decrease in the natural course of infectious spread. To “Flatten the Curve” means practicing preventative behaviors will reduce the rate of the spread of infection. Our “Contagion Cleaning Checklist” covers dozens of places germs hide. The slower an outbreak of anything spreads, the more …

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COVID-19 Transmission

Can COVID-19 Transmission Happen When Not Appearing Sick? Yes! You can definitely transmit this coronavirus without showing any symptoms. People are most contagious when they are showing signs of being ill, such as sneezing, coughing, or high temperature, but a lot of COVID-19 transmission may happen before people show symptoms. There are some reports of this happening, but this is …

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Soap and Water Really Works!

This cannot be overstated: Soap and water really works! Just because a virus is called “a respiratory virus” that doesn’t mean it can only enter your body through breathing. A virus can infect you if your contaminated hands touch any of your mucus membranes such as eyes, nose or mouth.  This means: the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 …

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