Making & Buying Masks For Virus Protection

The CDC and the WHO agree that wearing masks for viruses around outside your home can help stop the spread of viruses that cause the common cold, the seasonal flu varieties, and COVID-19.

Keeping healthy means keeping up on the latest on masks. Most people come here looking for our feature page: “Make Pleated, Curved & Duckbill DIY Masks” explaining:

  • the mass confusion in mask names
  • the pros and cons of each mask shape
  • “Do-It-Yourself” masks and mask patterns
  • tips for proper mask fit
  • how to use Pellon® interfacing as mask filter

Glamourous, Fun and Fashionable Masks

We take a look at how people are now customizing masks and face shields as accessories, and making them a personal statement. Masks are here to stay, and we ought to make the best of it.

Masks For Disasters

Wearing masks stop viruses and germs… but have you ever thought about how important it is to have a mask in case of other emergencies besides pandemics? If you are in an area of high fire activity, you need a mask to filter smoke. If a storm floods your house, when you go back you need a mask to avoid mold.

Masks can help in all of these disasters, but you have to have them on hand *before* something happens, because in the middle of it all, it’s too late. Read here about how a mask can save your life in many different ways.

Beyond Masks: The Germ Hall of Shame

While wearing a mask is important, it’s not the only thing you should do to stay healthy, so check out our post on where sneaky germs are hiding in your home, office and car.

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